Labour Law of Myanmar & Best HR Practices – Webinar

Event Date: 31 March 2023
Event Time: 9am – 5pm

By Clara Htoo Thant Sin, Associate Trainer
Fees: S$480.00 (GST will not be applicable), RM1400 (for Sdn Bhd companies)


Myanmar has been embarked on a comprehensive reform process since April 2016 when NLD Party took over and now, it is currently revamping its legal framework since the country`s political and economy are gradually opening.  Most of the existing laws and regulations are undergoing revisions or being replaced by new legislations. It is basically work in progress and constant implementation of new laws and fine tuning of existing HR practices.

Myanmar labor law is currently governed by both old laws and new regulations as well as internal guidelines and practices stipulated by the Ministry of Labour. In practice, employer-employee relationships are, heavily influenced by the policies and practices of the Ministry of Labour.

This workshop is for people and organizations who are having their business in Myanmar or have intention to establish new businesses in Myanmar. The purpose of this workshop is to give participants an understanding of laws and regulations of employment practices in Myanmar, its culture and people.


  1. Understand the Labour Law and regulations with key practical issues of employment practices and employer-employee relationships.
  2. Understand the existing talent market and its challenges.
  3. Understand the country`s culture, traditions and the people.
  4. Have an awareness of the country`s economic situation and establishment of foreign companies and laws applicable to foreign nationals.

Course Outline

The training will also cover various HR Operational aspects as mentioned below with practical examples

  • Introduction of Myanmar
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Labour Law and Regulations (Rules and Policies)
  1. The Settlement of Labour Dispute Law & Rules(2012)
  2. The Social Security Law & Rules (2012)
  3. The Minimum Wages Law (2013)
  4. The Employment and Skill Development Law
  5. The Amended Law for Leave and Holiday Law 1951(July 2014)
  6. The Payment of Wages Law 2016(Jan 2016)
  • Types of Visas
  • Foreigner Registration Certificate
  • Taxation of Employment Income

Takeaways from This Workshop

As a result of attending this course, participants will be able to gain essential knowledge of Myanmar employment practices and plan more effectively for their businesses in Myanmar with a better understanding. They will also be able to work, effectively with local people, manage the workforce and built an interaction platform with the local authorities.

Workshop Leader

Clara Htoo Thant Sin is the Managing Director of a HR Consulting firm – in Myanmar, which was established in August 2017. Her company specializes in HR solutions & training services for SME companies and corporations in Myanmar, which aims to build a strong & efficient workforce. The company recently won, Myanmar Employer Award 2018 for best use of rewards & recognitions (Silver) by Deloitte and Job Net Myanmar.

Clara is also a certified HR Professional with over 12 years of experience in comprehensive HR disciplines. She previously worked at one of the largest airport logistics company, and also at an HR & recruitment consulting company in Singapore. She is actively involved in regional HR functions, training & development. She is also the lead for company`s workforce development and retaining talents.

She relocated back to Myanmar and took up contractual assignments as change agent for conglomerate companies. In Myanmar she started her own firm. Her company has been providing custom made HR & organizational development solutions to start up, SMEs and large corporations. She is also a lead facilitator of employability skills development programmes which were uniquely designed for working professionals and government officials. Working with her team on HR programmes, the company was officially certified by CPD UK. She has been actively supporting underprivileged children, university students and fresh graduates, government officials by providing free programs to increase opportunities for employment and capacity development. She and her team had been conducting numerous workshops for the past  months and also extending her support to government departments, schools and universities across Myanmar, to help them improve their skills & unlock their full potential.

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