Photo Gallery

Various Pictures of Training Conducted by HRmatters21

24 Jul 2019

HRmatters21 is proud to display a montage of pictures taken from various training workshops and participating in numerous HR programmes.

Book Launch cum 40th HR Sharing – 8th September 2017

08 Sep 2017

More than 70 HR professionals turned up for Martin Gabriel’s book launch cum 40th HR sharing. It was indeed an achievement for the HR Consultant who founded and built-up HRmatters21. For almost 15 years, Martin tirelessly toiled to build this …

The All New Malaysian Employment Act Seminar

19 May 2017

The Malaysian Employment Act workshop was rejuvenated in the form of a new speaker. Ms Serene Yap, has given the workshop a new lease of life by bringing in more case studies, to stimulate engagement and intense discussions. 15th May …

Book Launch cum 39th HR Sharing

24 Mar 2016

Senior HR Consultant, Martin Gabriel launched his second book at the MHC Asia studio on the 24th of March 2016. Over 60 HR professionals attended the auspicious event. His decision to write a second book titled “Human Resource Case Studies” …

38th HR Sharing

06 Aug 2015

There was a heavy downpour on 6th of August, however more than 30 HR Professionals and business personnel turned up for the 38th HR Sharing held at 2 Bukit Merah Central. First to take to the stage was Kevin Lee, …

Book Launch & 37th HR Sharing

06 Feb 2015

It comes with no surprise that the turn out for the 37th HR Sharing was overwhelming! Everyone wanted to be present for the official book launch of “The Guide to the Employment Act and Its Practical Applications” written by Mr …

Lawyers are reading “A Guide to The Employment Act & Its Practical Applications” authored by Martin Gabriel

19 Jan 2015

Lawyers from various law firms are reading “A Guide to The Employment Act & Its Practical Applications” by Trainer and Author Martin Gabriel. Martin released his book on 8th January 2015, and within one week, more than a 100 copies have …

International CEOs’, Executives and HR Managers are reading “A Guide to The Employment Act & Its Practical Applications” authored by Martin Gabriel

18 Jan 2015

Anyone who thinks that HRmatters21 only does training and is confined to the borders of just Singapore, may want to reexamine their thoughts again. We are slowly but surely expanding. Martin Gabriel’s book “A Guide to The Employment Act & …

36th HR Sharing

16 Jul 2014

How does an organization ensure that there is co-operation amongst its staff? You have heard of excellent service to the customer, but have you ever heard of excellent service to the internal customer or your fellow colleagues? Zainal Abidin’s presentation …

35th HR Sharing

22 Jan 2014

Everyone knows that Singapore is a booming multi-racial country with substantially numerous organisations’ from (small & medium enterprises) SME’s to multi nationals. Singapore has been enjoying such a privilege in peace and to maintain this peace, we must do our …