Successful E-mail Writing

Event Date: To Be Announced
Event Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: PSB Academy

By Susan Amy, Associate Trainer
Fees: S$485.00 (GST will not be applicable)

Like it or not, the email is now the most commonly used method of transferring written messages. Every day in every office, millions of people are sending and receiving business communication by email. Yet with all the messages flying around the globe, how much of this communication is well thought out – or even necessary? One of the most common complaints about the email system is the time spent in managing written communication. Many executives complain that they are afraid to be away from the office as their Inbox will be full to overflowing when they get back to their desks. Now we’re asking you to do just that – take 1 day away for 2 weeks from your desk to attend this workshop and we’ll show you that you can manage your emails successfully.

The workshop empowers you to:

  • manage the pressure of incoming email messages
  • reduce the number of and time spent on emails
  • develop a fine email writing style and
  • get your message across completely and clearly.

Course Outline

  • Your Mailbox is Full
    • Top 10 Hates of email
    • Deal with the pressure of incoming emails
    • Manage and sort incoming messages
    • Know when to choose other communication methods
  • Strike the Right Tone
    • Message etiquette: use words to create relationships with your reader
    • Techniques for achieving a friendly tone in just a few words
    • Take care of your e-relationships
  • Structure and Style
    • Prioritise information and make it accessible
    • Concise messages: What to put in; what to leave out
    • Use direct and indirect approaches at the right time
  • Dynamic Language
    • Choose action words to get things done
    • Abbreviations – yes or no?
    • Grammar – is it important?
  • Layout: Your Message At a Glance
    • Make your emails readable
    • Useful subject lines and other attention-getter

Workshop Leader

Susan Amy is originally from the United Kingdom, where she graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London with a B.A. Honours in English Literature. She holds the Royal Society of Arts Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She keeps her interest in human communications vital and up-to-date by working with people in companies to understand their communication challenges. At present, she is studying counselling in Singapore. She is also currently preparing for her MSc in Psychology (Organisational Behaviour) with the University of London. Susan is an accredited trainer for the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and for MBTI team building.

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