Book Launch – A Guide to The Employment Act and Its Practical Applications is Selling Fast!

IMG_2060Martin Gabriel recently penned a new book titled “A Guide to The Employment Act and Its Practical Applications” is selling fast. In the first 10 days since its release, more than 150 copies have been sold. In terms of book sales standard, it is reasonably good. World renown COOs from the UK and US have picked up the book due to their investment in Singapore. According to Martin, not all companies that want to set up ‘shop’ in Singapore would want to talk to the EDB only. “Sometimes they talk to us as well” said Martin. They want a full picture of the Industrial Relations climate in Singapore and besides the EDB, these investors also talk to other independent HR Consulting firm, and we are proud to be part of their decision making process. See pictures of CEOs and Managers reading Martin’s book at:

 CEOs’ and Managers reading Martin’s book

Martin also said that “Scores of HR Personnel and Operation Managers have gone through our training programmes, and we do have their contact details.” He elaborated further, “Once we received the books from the printers, it’s a matter of contacting everyone via email to say that the book is on sale, and the orders just kept on streaming in”.

Besides CEOs, another noteworthy group that are reading Martin’s book are practicing Lawyers. Martin said “I know of 11 Lawyers reading the book”. This only shows that Martin is seen as an expert in the area of employment regulations. See pictures of Lawyers reading Martin’s book at:

Lawyers reading Martin’s book 

About 150 copies sold even before the official launch which is scheduled for 6th February 2015. Moreover, the bookshops will only have it on their shelves in early February. Considering that all these distribution and sales channel have not happened, one would certainly expect more books to be sold in time to come. HRmatters21 has certainly come a long way, and we will continue serving the HR Community with honour.

By Michelle Yeo