The Employment Claims Tribunals – Half Day Workshop on Zoom

Event Date: 3 November 2020
Event Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: Zoom Platform

By Martin Gabriel, Chairman, HRmatters21 Committee
Fees: S$260.00 (GST will not be applicable)

With effect from April 2016, The Employment Claims Tribunals (“ECT”) was established under the Employment Claims Act 2016 (Act 21 of 2016) (Employment Claims Act). The commencement was from April 2017. The ECT provides employees and employers with an expeditious and low-cost platform to resolve their salary-related disputes. Besides statutory claims, the tribunal also preside over employees’ contractual salary-related claims, including the payment of AWS, bonuses and allowances (if made contractual). The tribunal will also hear claims from employers for notice pay. To bring a claim before the ECT, parties must first register their claims at the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) for mediation. Mediation at TADM is compulsory. Only disputes which remain unresolved after mediation at TADM may be referred to the ECT. This half-day workshop will examine the step-by-step process and its impact on employment contracts, and possible outcomes.

Course Outline

  • Coverage
  • Compulsory Mediation at TADM (Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management)
  • Differences between Labour Court and The Employment Claims Tribunals(ECT)
  • Statutory salary-related claims (Statutes covered by the ECT)
  • Contractual salary-related claims – What are they?
  • Representation at Mediation or ECT
  • Claim Referral Certificate & Timeframe to file for a complaint/hearing
  • Maximum claim – abandoning the excess amount
  • Signing a settlement – Registering with the District Court & Its powers

Workshop Leader

Martin Gabriel began his career with the Ministry of Manpower as an Inspector enforcing the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. His 3 years with the Ministry provided Martin with the experience of understanding labour regulations and was an inspiration in his decision to make Human Resources his career after leaving the government service.

With more than 20 years of experience as a HR Practitioner, Martin embarked upon forming a HR community that is the biggest, and most vibrant in Singapore. Martin is presently the Chairman and founder of HRmatters21, an online HR interest group which provides a vibrant forum with HR issues being discussed. As a Senior HR Consultant / Advisor, Martin provides advice & consultancy to numerous companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Martin is also involved in the development of Human Resources in Singapore.

With his vast experience in Human Resources, he has been engaged by many companies to draft or review their HR policies and employment contracts.

Martin’s experience has also expanded into training. To date, over 6,000 HR personnel and Managers from Non-HR functions have attended his training programmes. Martin holds a Bachelor of Commerce with double major from the University of Tasmania and a Diploma in HRM.

Martin can be contacted at the following e-mail:

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