The Indonesian Employment Act & Industrial Relation Issues

Event Date: 18 July 2019
Event Time: 9am – 5.00pm – (Includes buffet lunch, and 2 tea breaks)
Location: AQueen Hotel, Paya Lebar 33 Jalan Afifi, Singapore 409180

By Sugeng Barkah, CHRM,  Associate Trainer, HRmatters21
Fees: S$580.00 (GST will not be applicable) – Skillsfuture Approved

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Information pertaining to compliance requirements based on Indonesia manpower legislations and its prevailing laws.
  • Understand the correct interpretation of the Indonesian manpower law, Employment Relations, and the Employment of Foreign Workers.
  • Understand the difference between work agreements made for an unspecified time (permanent employment) and work agreement made for a specified time (contract employment).
  • Matters to the condition and term of contract for service (outsourcing).
  • Comprehensive understanding to the correct interpretation of working hours and employee to work longer than the normal working hours (overtime).
  • Formulating work agreement, company regulations and collective labour agreement.
  • Being aware of the latest Government regulations of the Republic of Indonesia and its new amendments.
  • Avoiding breaching industrial relations dispute.
  • Tips on settling industrial relations dispute.
  • Issues pertaining to termination based on Indonesian labour law

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Indonesia manpower law and Government of Indonesia regulations.
  • Obligations of employers and employee.

Module 2 – Employment

  • Employment relations.
  • Employment of foreign workers.
  • Work agreement made for an unspecified time (permanent employment).
  • Work agreement made for a specified time (contract employment).
  • Condition and terms of Contract for service (outsourcing).
  • Employment of women.
  • Employment of children.
  • Industrial relations dispute case studies. 

Module 3 – Protection, wages and welfare

  • Disabled person.
  • Working hours.
  • Occupational safety and health.
  • Industrial relations dispute case studies. 

Module 4 – Industrial Relations

  • Company regulations.
  • Formulate the company rules and regulations.
  • Procedures for making and legalizing the company regulations
  • Collective labor agreement.
    • Formulate the collective labor agreement.
    • Procedures for making and registering the collective labor agreement.
  • Trade/Labour Union.
  • Entrepreneurs’ organization.
  • Bipartite co-operation institution.
  • Tripartite co-operation institution.
  • Institutions / Agencies for the settlement of IR disputes.
  • IR disputes mechanism
  • Strikes
  • Lock-out
  • IR dispute – Case studies.

Module 5 – Criminal Provisions & Administrative Sanctions.

  • Criminal provisions
  • Administrative sanctions

Module 6 – Termination of Employment.

Workshop Leader

Sugeng Barkah, CHRM is one of the founder of ‘Human Capital 4Us Community’ (hc4us Community). The community goal is to leverage competencies of HR Practitioners and deliver a platform for learning objectives, by providing guidance through organising training & workshops. Most notably are the creation of salary grades and wage structures. An expert in Industrial Relations (IR), and formulating company regulations, Barkah boast of over 20 years of experience. Barkah’s hands-on experience comes from his experience in the Oil and Gas industry (Chevron Indonesia), which is one of the biggest in Indonesia. His HR experience at the private sector includes creating a competency matrix, job analysis, training need analysis, work load analysis and performance management system. Among his most notable accomplishment is his ability to formulate wage structure / salary scale, which includes compensation and benefit. He has also negotiated numerous collective labour agreements over the last several years.

Barkah is also as an Independent Consultant since 2011 with a Certified Human Resources Management qualification with over 15 years of experience in comprehensive HR matters especially in manpower affairs. He has conducted over a hundred HR workshops for the last 2 years. His expertise was called upon by the courts as an expert witness in industrial relation cases and disputes. An expert mediator, Barkah remains a champion of passing on such invaluable knowledge to his participants at HR workshops.

Barkah is also one of the Apprenticeship Trainer at The Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia since 2015.

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