Behavioral Based Interviewing & Hiring Right

Event Date: 21 February 2019
Event Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: 2 Bukit Merah Central

By Theresa Lee, Associate Trainer, HRmatters21
Fees: S$420.00 (GST will not be applicable) – Skillsfuture approved

The root cause behind incompatible human attitude or/and low motivation level in an organisation begins in the recruitment and selection process. Often then not candidates who have the gift of the gap to give impressive answers seemed to get selected. Once hired than the truth sets in. They may lack the ability and cannot do the job or be motivated by the goals and objectives of the job.

Research done by Harvard University attributes 80% of turnover is cause by hiring mistakes. On the other hand the domino cost implication of hiring the wrong people and them staying is even higher.

It is therefore imperative for every manager to acquire the skills evidence based, hiring right so as to minimise the labour cost impact on profitability.

Target Audience

All recruitment agency staff, HR professionals, selection panels, line managers, supervisors who are responsible for recruitment and selection of employees.

Course Outline

  • Costs of Ineffective Selection.
  • Definition of Competencies and understanding competencies, how it is linked to Performance behaviour and Result.
  • Differences between Convention Interview and Behaviourial Based Competencies interview.
  • Identify key actions and result of a job
  • S/O.A.R. ( Situation/Obstacles Action Result ) A Funnel Questioning Approach to be as effective as mainstream media interviewing.
  • How to validate the answer of a potential candidate to obtain authentic reference.

By the end of the training the participants will :

Acquire the knowledge of:

  • Definition of Competencies  how it is linked to attitude and impact on performance
  • Definition of Conventional and BBC interview and differences, advantages and disadvantages.
  • SOAR methodology of interviewing and collecting evidence.

Acquire the Skill of : 

  • Identifying actions words and the result of a job.
  • Differentiating Conventional questions and BBC Questions.
  • Conducting an effective Behaviour Based Competency Interview and rating an interview based on evidences.

Workshop Leader

Theresa Lee is presently a Senior HR Consultant, Coach and Facilitator.

Theresa was a practitioner in human resource management and development (HRD) and held senior managerial positions in MNCs of US, British, German and French origin. Her areas of responsibilities cover the management of company’s overall function in Human Resource Management, training and management development, both local and Asia Pacific. Her expertise includes

Recruitment and Selection, Human Resource Development, Competency-based HR system, Training and Facilitation. Theresa has designed and facilitated training programs for in-house needs as well as for external customers. The training she has conducted ranges from management workshops to critical mass training in Singapore as well as Asia.

She is also a certified trainer for Frontline Leadership Program and Edge Leadership programme. Her qualifications include; Master of Science (Human Resources), Diploma in Human Resources Management (TOP STUDENT), and Diploma in Training and Development Management

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