Drafting, Vetting of Employment Contract and The Practical Implications Workshop

Event Date: 27 December 2023
Event Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore, with 1 coffee break at 10.00am

Speaker: Mr. David Shanmugam, Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court & Associate Trainer of HRmatters21

Fee: S$295.00


Drafting employment contract has become very critical and it is important for employers to know how to draft employment contracts. If employment contracts are not well drafted and or amended, it will be led to many problems. The course will focus on how employment contracts should be drafted and to avoid legal issues. A well drafted employment contract will answer most of the employment issues most of the time.

Target Audience

Managing Directors, Group Financial Controllers, Company Directors, Sales Directors, Business Managers, Financial Controllers, Finance and Operation Executives, HR executives, HR managers Directors Operation Director

Course Outline

  • Interpreting employment contract, and its critical implications
  • Key important clauses in employment contracts
  • Key clauses in an employment contract which can be amended, and which employers have to take note of
  • Mistakes which employers drafting employment contract and correcting it
  • Additional benefits in employment contracts and its legal implications
  • Company policy and practice on termination and suspension of employment contract
  • Breach of employment contracts, its implications and working from home
  • Retrenchment benefits if applicable, how to handle in the employment contract
  • Restrain of trade clause and its legal implications
  • Case studies and discussions on the different types of employment contract
  • Fix term employment contract and other types of employment contracts

The Speaker:

Mr. David Shanmugam is an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore and has many years of legal experience in the private sector.

He has conducted legal training for the corporate sector on the various practical legal issues faced by the corporate field.  His forte is in the field of corporate and commercial drafting of contracts, including company matters.

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