Book Launch & 37th HR Sharing

It comes with no surprise that the turn out for the 37th HR Sharing was overwhelming! Everyone wanted to be present for the official book launch of “The Guide to the Employment Act and Its Practical Applications” written by Mr Martin Gabriel. With more than 20 years of experience as a HR Practitioner, Martin’s services due to his experience is very much sort after in the HR Community. Anergy Fun Engineers, a company that runs corporate activities, teambuilding and motivational games to bond staff and improve teamwork was also part of the 37th HR Sharing. They got everyone on their feet with fun games. Everyone was hyped up with full of smiles.

Make Health Connect (MHC) was also present to share about the services they offer. The 37th HR Sharing started off with a bang! Alvin from Anergy Fun Engineers, together with his team got everyone’s energy a notch up with really effective ice-breaking activities. Anergy started out with the mirror game followed by “pass down the message” accurately – game. Participants were supposed to digest a mouthful of words and repeat the same message down the line. It was hilarious listening to how the messages lost its originality and sounded ridiculous. Although the games were brief, it was a moment that was packed with non-stop laughter and fun.

Mr Lim Kai Chuan, the Head of Business Development from Make Health Connect (MHC), came in after to share with us on the services MHC provides. MHC taps on the possibilities of the continuous advancement of technology by creating a web-based medical claim system. MHC is the first in Southeast Asia to create such a system which has successfully linked up a network of 1000 clinics in Singapore and 550 clinics in Malaysia, and help companies, major insurers and medical providers improve their medical claims processing, efficiency, and workforce productivity by eliminating tedious paper work.

The Employment Act is not flawless. There are areas and provisions in the act which are unclear and contradict themselves or with other legislations. Mr Martin Gabriel who has a very vast experience in the Human Resource field and who is reputable for his knowledge in the Employment Act has spotted these numerous grey areas from the EA. Mr Martin discussed these grey areas with the participants in the 37th HR Sharing and also mentioned about the raising of employment standards in 2015, as well as possible new additions that may be implemented to the Employment Act. Mr Gabriel ended his very insightful discussion with his personal experience at the Labour Court and a brief outline about how rulings are conducted in the Labour Court, with reference to the act and his personal experiences. The session ended on a high note when participants approached Mr Gabriel for his personal autograph to be included in the book.

By Nigel Toh