Popular Indonesian Employment Law workshop shows no sign of slowing down

Hendri-HRHendri Gemilang has been shuttling from Indonesia to Singapore for as many as 12 trips within a time span of over 4 years. The Indonesian employment act workshop organized by HRmatters21 has always been confirmed. It’s popular with request from organizations to conduct the workshop in-house too, apart from the on-going public runs.

In a one to one chat with Hendri, we posed a few questions to the International trainer renowned for his Indonesian Labour Law and mentoring the right attitude workshops frequently conducted in Jakarta.

Michelle Yeo: Why is this workshop so popular among HR professionals in Singapore as well as HR professionals from Malaysia and Indonesia?

Hendri: The Indonesian Employment Act has been well received here in Singapore as many companies here are the headquarters and have branches all over Indonesia. The good thing about having the workshop in Singapore is that it enables Regional HR Managers and even Operation Managers to share notes and learn from each other the difficulties they faced and how they resolved such issues.

Michelle Yeo: In delivering the workshop, a few companies have been impressed by your knowledge and have decided to sign the premium membership with HRmatters21, placing you as HR advisor to their HR operations in Indonesia. What makes them decide to commit to your expert advice?

Hendri: Indonesia is such a big country. However it also offers big challengers as well as opportunities. Believe it or not, it is also a very diverse country with different languages with different sub-cultures. Besides being well versed in employment laws and practises, I am also that bridge which connects Singaporean businessmen to understand the Indonesian culture better.

Michelle Yeo: Looking ahead, what do you hope to accomplish as being part of the HRmatters21 team of Consultants?

Hendri: First and foremost, assisting companies in their business processes. Ensuring that everything runs smoothly, so that companies can remain viable. Many companies in Singapore take corporate stability and good HR practices for granted. In Indonesia, these things are never given. You have to work hard to sustain it and anticipate disruptions before it happens. Collusion and Corruption are prevalent in Indonesia and we as consultants are able to sense it ‘brewing’ before it occurs. We nip situations in the bud, however most companies don’t seem to realize that we just averted a crisis in the making.

Michelle Yeo: Will there be anything new to expect from the HRmatters21 team of Consultants?

Hendri: I believe that would be a question only Martin can answer. As for me, I will continue to give my best, so that companies going to Indonesia or are already there would find operations smoother with less obstacles after acquiring the knowledge that I am prepared to impart to them. We have made significant progress but there is more that we could do and I look forward to working with Singaporean and Malaysian HR practitioners.

Hendri Gemilang is a Senior Consultant of HRmatters21. He specializes in Indonesian employment law and has been appointed by HRmatters21 to look after its clients and operations in Indonesia.

By Michelle Yeo