34th HR Sharing

The 34th HR Sharing kicked off with a presentation by Kevin Shepherdson and Celine Chew. What is a mindset, and how does a mindset affect productivity? Kevin a mindset & transformation strategist, shared with participants on how fixed mindsets are formed and what HR, management leaders and individuals can do about it. “It was indeed an eye opener; I did not see the human mind in such a manner. The mind and emotions are such complex matters” said Ms Sharon Neo a HR Executive. Kevin said that each one of us does perceive memory with a reference point, and such reference point can be positive or negative. When we do have negative thoughts that play over and over again in our minds, we are actually re-enforcing negative energy which is bad for a harmonious work relationship with our colleagues. “As HR practitioners, it is indeed important that we are people oriented and refrain from typecasting individuals in a certain way, just because our first impression of them was based on a specific characteristic” said Martin Gabriel, Senior HR Consultant of HRmatters21.

After having light refreshments, the participants were sort of ‘entertained’ by renowned and reputed lawyer Samuel Seow. Samuel is indeed a versatile personality. There is no denying that he is an accomplished lawyer, however the participants had a good laugh when he delivered his presentation with a touch of humor. Samuel presented an overview of the Personal Data Protection Act. Companies that have acquired personal data from their employees must abide by certain regulations and ensure that such information are not shared for other purpose. Sales personnel too would have to ensure that information they had obtained from clients cannot be shared for other sales purposes unless consent was given. Samuel took pains to explain what private information is, and how it should be treated and what can be considered to be public information. The PDPA has already been enacted; however the authorities are giving a grace period before it would be enforced.

The PDPA takes effect in phases starting with the provisions relating to the formation of the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) on 2 January 2013. Provisions relating to the DNC (Do not call) Registry will come into force on 2 January 2014 and the main data protection rules will come into force on 2 July 2014. This allows time for organisations to review and adopt internal personal data protection policies and practices, to help them comply with the PDPA.

It was indeed a worthwhile HR Sharing. Participants found value in just 3 hours. We look forward to the 35th HR Sharing.

Michelle Yeo