The Malaysian Employment Act Webinar on Zoom

Event Date: 15, 16, 17 & 18, Aug 2022
Event Time: 9am – 12.30pm for all 4 days
Location: Zoom Platform

Sean Lee, Associate Trainer

Fees: S$650.00 (GST will not be applicable) 
Fees: RM$1,950.00 (for SDN BHD companies based in Malaysia)

With numerous companies having established offices in Malaysia, Managers from Singapore are required to have the basic knowledge of the Malaysian Employment Act, to assist their decision making with regard to termination, dismissal, maternity protection, recruitment and other Management matters. This 2 day workshop will give Managers a fundamental understanding of HR practices and Malaysian Employment Law. Today, employer-employees relationship has become complex, governed by various legislations which need to be understood and which employers must conduct their employees relationship within the parameters.  Therefore, it is crucial that anyone involved in Human Resource Management, Employees Supervision and Management, to be aware of the basic interpretations of the Labour Laws.

This programme is customized to cultivate the necessary awareness for all Managers and Executives to be well equipped with the rights and parameters of both the employer and employees.

Course Objective

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the correct interpretation of the relevant Employment Law
  • Be aware of the latest Labour Acts and Amendments
  • Know how to avoid ‘breaching’ the Employment legislations and Employees Contracts
  • Understand the difference between Contract of Service and Contract for Service
  • Understand the compliances requirement to EPF, Socso and MTD.
  • Compute Benefits accurately in compliance with the latest amendments
  • Comply with the relevant Malaysian Employment Act

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction And Employer’s Obligations

  • Introduction to Malaysian Employment Law
  • Obligations of Employers

Module 2 – Employment

  • Employer / Employee Relationship
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employer / Contractor
  • Employment of Women
  • Employment of Part-timers
  • Employment of Child and Young Person
  • Labour Court and IR Court Case Studies

Module 3 – Wages

  • Wages
    • Minimum Wages
    • Wage Period
    • Payment of Wages
    • Lawful Deduction of Wages
    • Advance of Wages
  • Labour Court and IR Court Case Studies

Module 4 – Termination of Employment

  • Termination of Contracts
  • Minimum Retirement Age
  • Due Inquiry and Suspension
  • Termination, Lay-off and Retrenchment Benefits
  • Labour Court and IR Court Case Studies

Module 5 – Employee Benefits

  • Normal Hours of Work
  • Overtime
  • Public Holidays
  • Rest Day
  • Annual Leave and No pay leave
  • Emergency Leave
  • Sick Leave and Hospitalization
  • Maternity Leave
  • Labour Court and IR Court Case Studies

Module 6 – EPF, SOCSO & PCB

Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

  • Employer registration
  • Definition of Wages
  • Employee compulsory contributiono
  • Types of withdrawal and eligibilities
  • Benefits and Compensation available


  • Employer registrationo
  • Definition of Wages
  • Employee compulsory contributiono
  • Scheme of insurance and benefits
  • Various scheme entitlement and procedures
  • Eligibility for invalidity pension schemes

Introduction to PCB / MTD

  • Employment Income
  • Monthly Tax Deductions
  • Tax Relief
  • Tax Rebates

Workshop Leader

Sean Lee hails from Penang Island, Malaysia and is a Consulting Director. He has a modest 18 years of experience in Human Resource and holds two degrees; Bachelors in Business Administration from American City University and Bachelor of Law from University of London. Prior to establishing his own HR Consulting company.

Sean’s experience expends across multiple industries. He held the position of HR Program Manager, APAC-RPO with a leading US based Outsourcing and Consulting Group. He was also an Operations Manager at a plastics manufacturing company then an HR Manager in a wood based furniture and metal sheet.

Currently, Sean heads the executive search, outsourcing & consulting programs for a HR Consulting Company he established in 2010. Sean has recently expanded into training and holds regular talks on HR for non HR personnel.

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